All types of rubber directly from the roll, for any application

Food Grade rubber

Food safe rubber for many applications, in different hardness and abrasion resistance


Various rubber cords, suitable for O-rings and as seals for many applications.

Regupol granulaat

Our Regupol rubber granulate (recycled and reglued rubber) is excellent for use as an underlayment strip in construction or tile support on roofs. It is also used as flooring in various applications.

Cel- en sponsrubbers

EPDM Celrubbers

Our closed cell rubbers are suitable for many applications such as dust seals or draft sealing.

NR Sponsrubber open cel oranje

Sponge rubber is a universal open cell material, suitable as protection in many delicate applications.


Silicone foam for demanding sealing applications

EPDM Celrubber band eenzijde zelfklevend

For sealing applications, we have several types of self-adhesive tape


Polyurethaan (PUR)

Polyurethane is a highly abrasion-resistant material suitable when rubber is inadequate in terms of hardness or abrasion resistance. It is widely used for scrapers and and is available as a food-safe variety.


Vezel- en grafietpakking

Fiber and graphite gaskets are suitable for a wide range of chemicals, high pressures and temperatures.


Stuffing box gasket, grease gasket or graphite gasket is used to provide a watertight seal on a propeller shaft.



A wide range of plastic sheets that we can supply in many thicknesses and sizes up to 3 meters and cut to size.

Kunststof buis en staf

Wide range of plastic tubes and rods for various operations, many available directly from stock.


We offer various art glass also known by the brand name Plexiglas (PMMA Acrylic) or Lexan. Lighter and many times stronger than regular glass.

Zacht helder PVC

Soft Clear PVC is best known for strip doors that are excellent at keeping out noise, moisture and cold. Also great for curtains and splash screens.

Geexpandeerd PTFE

Expanded PTFE is a PTFE foam that is very soft and suitable for sealing with the excellent properties of PTFE combined with the softness of foam


PVC doeken

PVC cloth also known as "trailer cloth" due to its application on trailers and trucks. The cloth itself is very strong and suitable for many applications such as simple seals or curtains.


Softlanding is a combination of foam with a PVC cloth, making it a good product for protecting fragile products


Fiberglass material comes in many designs and is suitable as insulation or weld shielding.


Felt is suitable for various applications and is available in various qualities and thicknesses